"Miami's Only Wine Hybrid" - UrbanDaddy      |      "Looks like a winner" - Miami NewTimes

Voted "Best Wine Store 2011" by Miami NewTimes

Wine Depot & Bistro 555, A Full-Bodied Experience

Philippe and Jean-Luc, along with Chef Jerome, three epicureans with a long experience in the hospitality industry, indulged themselves when opening Wine Depot & Bistro 555.

Whether you are looking for a wine store to find a nice bottle of wine, or a lounge to relax at the end of the day and sip a glass of wine, ora welcoming patio to gather with friends, Wine Depot & Bistro 555 will welcome you with its wine store, wine bar, and bistro where all of your senses will be aroused. We have created a convivial, intimate atmosphere combined with consistently delicious and authentic cuisine, which will provide you with a casual yet sophisticated experience.

At Wine Depot, you are your own sommelier

Walk through our aisles, through our cellars, through our pallets full of bottles. Choose a wine, take the bottle in your hands and start feeling the harmony. Give your selection to your waiter; he/she will bring it to your table, set to your own preferences. Sit back and relax,listen to the sounds around you, the food sizzling, the champagne bubbling, the corks popping and glasses clinking. Your wine arrives, nicely chilled if desired. Smell its pour, smell its bouquet, discover the different aromas and flavors. Taste your wine, savor its body and reward your palate.

Pair your wine with some of our delightful plates, entrees and daily specials.
Engage your five senses and enjoy a full-bodied experience...

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